CLEOPATRA, “a woman of surpassing beauty,” stands for it’s powerful associations that captures the essence of our unique treatment: Beautiful, Powerful, Seductive, Irresistible, Brilliant and Regal.

A Revolutionary Approach to the Improvement of a Variety of Skin Conditions and Signs of Aging


A complete Bio-Stimulation and Transdermal Delivery System.


CLEOPATRA helps with smoothing fine lines, reducing pore size, improve skin tone and texture, brighten dull skin, improve hydration and reduce dry skin, improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and blemishes, and tighten skin.

Designed for all skin types.

Unique Combination of 5 Synergistic Clinically Proven Technologies

Cupping Therapy – Dermal Abrasion – Micro-channeling – Microcurrent – LED Light Therapy


Fresh, Firm and Radiant Skin with CLEOPATRA‘s Unique Five Step Process; Unsurpassed Results that Last!

Bio-Stimulation and Transdermal Delivery System

Delivering Advanced Bio-Active Infused Serums in the improvement of specific skin conditions and signs of aging.

Skin that Looks Radiant and Youthful with CLEOPATRA’s Five-Step Treatment Process

CLEOPATRA’s versatility empowers you to use the device in many different ways. You may easily switch from Cupping to Micro- Abrasion and Micro-channeling, followed by a Microcurrent Treatment and LED Light Therapy.



A versatile tool for a relaxing massage AND a detoxifying lymphatic drainage treatment for lasting skin health.

2-CleoAbrasor TM

A unique design for controlled exfoliation and evacuation with a simultaneous infusion of Advanced Bio-Active Serums into the skin.


A bonus pore extractor tool to clear clogged pores, remove blackheads and other impurities, and tighten large pores.

4- CleoFracTM

A fractional Bio-Infusion head with nano-needles to actively create micro-channels which helps improve the infusion of the Advanced Bio-Active Serums.


The latest microcurrent technology that uses microamps to mimic the body’s natural electrical current and re-educate, tone, hydrate, and revitalize the skin.

6-LED Light Therapy

(Red, Green and Blue) The application of LED Light completes the unique process to provide a spectacular result; Fresh, Firm and Radiant skin.


CLEOPATRA How does it work?

1- Detoxify Targeted Lymphatic Drainage Cupping Therapy cleanses and removes toxins to achieve brighter, healthier skin.
  • Relieve tension and relax the muscles to improve the effectiveness of the following treatment modalities
  • Target the lymphatic system with a massage to help drain toxins that can cause breakouts, discoloration, and uneven skin tone
2- Exfoliate and Evacuate Exfoliation, Evacuation and Infusion of Advanced Bio-Active Serums via Vacuum Assisted Dermal Abrasion.
  • Refresh and renew the surface of the skin, leaving a radiant glow.
  • Clarify and even skin tone with no harsh irritation.
  • Extract and cleanse away dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities.
  • Infuse bio-active serums to target and improve specific skin concerns.
3- Infuse Infusion of Advanced Bio-Active Serums through Micro-channeling with Vacuum-Assisted Infusion.
  • Innovative design that creates micro-channels, delivering Advanced Bio-Active Serums deep into the skin, providing a smooth, youthful, glowing complex and long-term skin improvement.
  • The gentle pressure of the sealed Vacuum System helps deep infusion of Bio-Active Serums that hydrate and target specific skin problems.
4- Re-Educate Low-level Microamps relax overused facial muscles and stimulate underused ones for an effective, non-invasive “Facelift.”
  • Low-level microamps relax overused facial muscles and stimulated underused ones for an effective, non-invasive “facelift”
  • Microcurrent waves help with deeper penetration of Bio-Active serums for improved effects and hydration.
5- LED Therapy Bio-Stimulation, Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Bacterial Action, Skin Tightening, Skin Brightening.
  • Green, Blue, and Red Light options to customize your LED therapy regimen to your client’s needs.
  • Helps to reverse the appearance of age and sun spots.
  • Minimizes redness and reduces inflammation while helping to eliminate bacteria.
  • Promotes a younger-looking, more hydrated complexion.

Benefits of the CLEOPATRA Fractional Bio-Infusion System


With all of Cleopatra’s ultra-customizable treatment modalities and range of highly efficacious infusions,
Cleopatra has the power to transform and improve any skin concern.